Give Where You Live!


United Way of Putnam County is governed by a local volunteer Board of Directors, and is "locally owned and operated"  completely independent of any other United Way organization.  This allows us the ability to respond to local needs, and reflect the priorities and core values of the residents in Putnam County.    

You can help make a difference in Putnam County today by sending your tax-deductible contribution to:

United Way of Putnam County

PO Box 472

Ottawa, OH   45875

or simply CLICK HERE to make a credit card contribution online. Thank you!  


"Give Where You Live" is a slogan we use to remind people who live in Putnam County but give through another United Way to send their contribution back to United Way of Putnam County. If you pledge through another United Way, please speak to your Employee Campaign Coordinator to learn how to designate your gift to United Way of Putnam County or write the following information on your pledge card:  "Please designate my gift to United Way of Putnam County, OH”

Why Should You Support United Way? The United Way of Putnam County provides critical funding to 15 local health and human service agencies that touch the lives of one-in-three Putnam County residents each year. These programs provide youth development, senior wellness, basic emergency needs and so much more.  By supporting United Way, you are investing in programs that help improve lives today and for generations to come. If you are employed with one of the following companies, you have the option to support United Way through payroll deduction. Payroll deduction is the simplest and most convenient way to make your pledge payment.